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Straightforward Video Marketing Trends 2013 2014 Programs Revealed

At the rate that the popularity of online videos is certainly going, it is no option anymore for almost any business not to own it contained in their marketing campaigns. The total amount of advertising money pouring in has been staggering that many video hosting sites have already been popping up to obtain a slice of the action, which will be not really a bad idea. But with YouTube capturing more than 80% of the traffic, this is difficult to do. That slightly over 80% captured market equals a regular traffic average of 33,317,131,000, yep that's right, you will find three commas on that figure. That and other video marketing statistics are why online entrepreneurs are going gaga over videos.

Want more video marketing statistics? Released by Borrell and Associates, another 5 years, video marketing will have a third of the advertising expenditures of businesses. In 2010, $2.1 billion were spent by US companies alone on Video Advertising, in 2010, its projected to boost by around 40%. That's a 10,000% increase from a decade ago.

Why all of this spending? Because people love to view videos, and the more people who get to view your video, the more individuals can be directed to your internet site, and that means more individuals to market to. Plus, recent video marketing statistics revealed that ad spending in this online marketing strategy yields a greater turnover ratio. As shown herewith:

If a small business adds a movie for their website's business profile:

Profile views are increased by 100%
Profile clicks are increased by 30%
Generated calls are increased by 18%
These answers are indeed impressive. Furthermore the same studies have shown that in the addition of a movie marketing campaign, a browser is driven a number of actions. The ecommerce site receives an increase of 55% in its flow of traffic, increase of 30% in the physical site, and incidence of purchases gets an increase of 24%.

There's just video marketing trends 2013 2014 no denying these video marketing statistics. This is not just any trend. Video marketing is here to stay. In reality, how many online users who watched videos increased by approximately 75%. 64% of that has been prompted into action after watching a movie ad.

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